Feel free to contact me with any questions or for coffee ︎


Director of STORE Rotterdam

Teacher at the University of Applied Sciences,


Co-Director of STORE STORE London

Circular Economy Design Fellow at IDEO CoLab

Freelance Designer & Researcher at Studio Tessa Geuze

Volunteer Baker at Better Health Bakery

Designer and researcher at IKEA of Sweden

Design researcher at design+desires department of Droog in Amsterdam

Ceramics designer at Hanoi Design Center in Vietnam


2016 Master of Fine Arts in Design at Lund University

2014 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft


2017 Young Swedish Design Award (Ung Svensk Form)

2017 IKEA Design scholarship

2017 Mitab Talent Award


+31 (0) 624216215

Currently based in Rotterdam

Instagram: @tessageuze


2020 Barbican x STORE After School Club, Brutalist Crayons together with Stine Keinicke

2020 Messy Lecture and Workshop, Willem de Kooning Academy

2019 Ruby Violet x STORE Ice Cream Summer School

2019 STORE STORE Ice Cream After School Club

2019 Translating senses into ice cream, Bartlett School of Architecture

2019 One Day Workshop ‘Something Sweet’, UCL Academy with STORE Projects

2018 Guest lecture Emotional Design, Welingkar in Mumbai

2012-13 Tutor at Lucky People Center