Something Sweet

candy with a taste of season

Once upon a time candy was an exquisite luxury, while nowadays it became more of a folks disease. How could we challenge the human relationship to candy?

This project is part of The Tomorrow Collective, a group of people who explore ways to create a sustainable life in the future through growing, building, and making.

Linear to Cyclic, Lund University 2014

I wanted to salvage the ancient artisan method of making candy and thereby reinventing it’s concept. I worked at the local candy factory called Kais Konfekt in Ödåkra in Sweden to learn the tricks of the trade.

Candy with a taste of season.

Something Sweet is a little candy factory for people to challenge our relationship to candy and produce homemade lollipops with seasonal ingredients. The kit provides tools, moulds and storage to inspire people to get outdoors, find fresh ingredients and make their own seasonal sweets by hand.